The 1st Era
Years 0 – 1013
The 1st Era was primarily lawless, with warlords rising and falling constantly, fighting with each other over territory. The few scholars managed to keep record of events at this time, beginning with the fall of the Worgrul Horde, a tribe of ruthless bandits loosely held together by the promise of money, that was eventually spread so thin across the world, they were overrun by other rising tribes.

The 2nd Era
Years 1013 – 1224
After a millennia of nonsensical fighting and lawlessness outside of major cities, a powerful necromancer named Malaki Deathshand created a huge army of undead, and by 1031, had conquered the entire known world. Then in 1224, after 211 years of tyranny, the great Malaki was defeated by his own apprentice, a young Alexander Hovric.

The 3rd Era
Years 1224 – 1424
After the fall if Malaki, Hovric took over as king of the new United Necrolas Territories and spent the next hundred years years building a better civilization for his people. He spent his years as king showing the people how necromancy can be used as a tool for good, rather than for destruction. He remained very open about his powers as king, and with time, the people grew to live in harmony with all forms of undead. All save for the people of faith. They viewed the integration of undead and dark magic into society as blasphemous and an affront to the gods, who by now the people had turned away from in favor of the new innovations dark magic brought about. In 1324, King Hovric passed the Necromagical and Undead Freedom Act. This led to the people of faith leaving the cities in a great migration to the outer territories. They formed a group known as the White Light, a radical separatist group lead by “True King” Alavaster, bent on “cleansing" society of dark magic. King Hovric continually passed laws in an effort to appease the White Light, such as the Right to Death Act in 1328, and the Necromancy Nationalisation Act in 1331. None of these laws seemed to have had any effect on the opinion of the White Light, who still seek to destroy life as we know it.

The 4th Era
Years 1424 – 1608
By this time, King Hovric was nearly 224 years old. In 1424, on the 200th anniversary of his coronation, he went through the process of becoming a lich, symbolizing his stand on dark magic. As the people rejoiced, the White Light became more aggressive, targeting not only soldiers and undead, but civilians too. They considered this act a personal affront and only fueled their hatred.

The 5th Era
Years 1608 – 1610 (present)
Suddenly and without warning during the height of White Light aggression, the supposedly long dead Worgrul Horde returned with a force no one city could match. A group of heroes was tasked with building a grand army by uniting several major cities under one flag. After two long years of negotiations between the leaders of the UNT, a grand army was formed. The heroes disappeared after they took a company of elite warriors to liberate the city of Westhill from the Horde, who had just seized the city days before.


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